26 April, 2013

vSphere and ESXi 5.1 U1 released

VMware has released the much "needed" Update 1 yesterday. If you want all ins- and outs of the enhancements en bug fixes incorporated in this Update, please read the ESXi release notes and the vCenter release notes.

I took a look at the release notes and I found some bug fixes that I want to highlight:

Reinstallation of ESXi 5.1 does not remove the Datastore label of the local VMFS of an earlier installation.
  • Re-installation of ESXi 5.1 with an existing local VMFS volume retains the Datastore label even after the user chooses the overwrite datastore option to overwrite the VMFS volume.
When the quiesced snapshot operation fails the redo logs are not consolidated
  • When you attempt to take a quiesced snapshot of a virtual machine, if the snapshot operation fails towards the end of its completion, the redo logs created as part of the snapshot are not consolidated. The redo logs might consume a lot of datastore space.

ESXi 5.x host appears disconnected in vCenter Server and logs the ramdisk (root) is full message in the vpxa.log file
  • If Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is unable to handle the number of SNMP trap files (.trp) in the/var/spool/snmp folder of ESXi, the host might appear as disconnected in vCenter Server. You might not be able to perform any task on the host. 
    The vpxa.log contains several entries similar to the following: 
    WARNING: VisorFSObj: 1954: Cannot create file
    /var/run/vmware/f4a0dbedb2e0fd30b80f90123fbe40f8.lck for process vpxa because the inode table of its ramdisk (root) is full.
    WARNING: VisorFSObj: 1954: Cannot create file
    /var/run/vmware/watchdog-vpxa.PID for process sh because the inode table of its ramdisk (root) is full

vSphere 5 Storage vMotion is unable to rename virtual machine files on completing migration
  • In vCenter Server , when you rename a virtual machine in the vSphere Client, the VMDK disks are not renamed following a successful Storage vMotion task. When you perform a Storage vMotion task for the virtual machine to have its folder and associated files renamed to match the new name, the virtual machine folder name changes, but the virtual machine file names do not change.

    This issue is resolved in this release. To enable this renaming feature, you need to configure the advanced settings in vCenter Server and set the value of the provisioning.relocate.enableRename parameter to true.

There are a lot more resolved issues and enhancements, take some time to go thru both the release notes. It for sure will benefit you !

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