26 October, 2017

NLVMUG Usercon 2018 Call for papers

For the last couple of years the NLVMUG has probably been the biggest thing after VMworld (Europe) if you live in The Netherlands or Belgium.
If you are thinking about presenting, why not give it a try at a VMUG conference, the NLVMUG to be more precise? For less experienced presenters there are Lightning Talks, present to a smaller audience with a time slot of 20 minutes. Or if you want to have a interactive architecture discussion, go for a whiteboard session.

Call for papers is open from October 26 2017 till January 26 2018. Submitting your paper can be done through this link.
If you're not ready to present by yourself, but want to be part of the NLVMUG Usercon on March 20 2018 then register through this link.

The location for this years edition is the same as last year, 1931 Event Center in Den Bosch
And as last year, you can expect next to the well known solution exchange, workshops and breakout sessions, also Lightning Talks, Whiteboard sessions and Group Discussions this year.

For those of you who are attending this NLVMUG Usercon, see you March 20th 2018!