19 May, 2015

VMworld 2015 information

The largest VMware conference, VMworld is again having two conferences in 2015. As usual the first will be in San Francisco US and the second will be in Barcelona, exactly like previous year. Both conferences have a vast session catalog, but before a session even makes it to be hosted at the conference (US, Europe or both) there is a public voting possibility. This public voting gives you the opportunity to have some influence on what sessions will be hosted, it also gives a preview on what kind of sessions are being submitted.
So give it a try and vote for the sessions you find interesting, a VMworld account is needed to vote, if you do not have one you can register and create a VMworld account.

The closer we get to the actual conference dates, more and more information is published. Currently there already is some information regarding the key dates related to both of the conferences.

Conference key dates:

VMworld 2015 US (San Francisco): 
  • Conference is 30 August - 3 September
  • Registration opened 5th of May
  • Content Catalog is live 9th of June
  • Schedule Builder is live 21st of July
VMworld 2015 Europe (Barcelona):
  • Conference is 12 - 15 October
  • Registration opens 9th of June
  • Content Catalog is live 23rd of June
  • Schedule Builder is live 18th of August
But the most important is that registration for VMworld US is already open! So go and register !! 

Hope to see you at VMworld !