28 June, 2018

Meet the VMworld 2018 Content Catalog

I guess most of us know the moment when the VMworld Content Catalog becomes available. You want search it and get into the sessions as soon as possible, because the more populair the sessions are the quicker they are full and you will be put on the waiting list.
But what if you are new to VMworld, how do you select the sessions that are relevant and of interest to you? Of course there are blog posts out there that will list their favorite sessions, most of them are the obvious sessions presented by known speakers. These listings will get you a good base, for the rest you need to search on your own.
But what type of sessions do you attend?
In previous years VMworld sessions have been categorized in a couple of categories, from Business to Deep technical. With the 2018 edition of VMworld a new way of using / consuming the Content Catalog is being introduced, it's now role based. So you select a role description that best covers your actual professional position, this way the sessions that are (pre-)filtered hopefully align with your goals, this way you should get the most out of your VMworld visit.

If you are afraid you're going to miss out on sessions because they are filtered out based on your role, don't worry there is a possibility to select multiple roles.

For a detailed description on the available roles please check out this VMworld blog post.