06 February, 2015

vExpert 2015!

Yesterday one of my fellow 2014 vExperts mentioned me in a tweet, I received vExpert 2015 status! That was a great way to finish the day, thanks Niels for the mention!
 For me it's the second year in a row I have been awarded the vExpert status. When I received it the first time I didn't really understand what it was all about, I just liked to be active in the VMware community and blog about all I find interesting within the world of virtualisation and cloud computing. But having vExpert status does really open doors for you, entering beta programs, pre-release webinars and briefings, NFR licenses and most important a lot of colleague vExperts. Especially those vExperts and also the whole VMware community is what it is all about, it's great to get recognised for your contribution to this community.

I’m thankful to be awarded the vExpert award in 2015. The VMware vExpert program acknowledges the people within the community that have contributed into evangelising virtualization as whole. It feels great to be part of that group and in my day to day role as Consultant as well as my role as blogger I will hopefully be able continue to contribute to the community.

For a complete list of vExperts 2015 please checkout the following link:

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