10 September, 2014

Exciting VMware revelations which make VMworld Europe a valuable event

Why would you go to VMworld Europa when all new product releases and most other revelations already where shown at VMworld US ?
VMworld US is the bigger event, more days, more sessions and a bigger venue.
The answer is simple if you ask me, when a new product (version) is introduced there is not always all technical info available on this product. For instance at VMworld US EVO:rail was introduced and at VMworld Europe there are at least three sessions scheduled, with one of them being a technical deep dive (the kind of session you want to attend to right?).

In short; EVO:rail is a management layer on top of the usual vSphere tools, wizards are what make this management layer standout. And it will only be bundled with standardised hyper converged hardware build by selected vendors.
EVO:rail is based on Enterprise plus licensing and also has VMware's Log Insight "build-in".

For some of the announcements it takes some time to sink in or get your head around, like for instance VAIO I/O filters, it has been announced at VMworld US. You can read some info about it on this blog post written by Cormac Hogan. At first it did not attract my attention immediately, only after reading press releases and some blog post (like Cormac's I got interested. If I had been at VMworld US, I would probably have skipped sessions regarding VAIO. But with the extra info I now have, I put a VAIO related session on my "must see" list.
Please check out my blog post "My take on interesting sessions @VMworld Europe" for my complete "must see" session list.

I am planning on writing more on EVO:rail and VAIO (amongst other topics) during and after VMworld Europe.

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