25 July, 2014


During the last NLVMUG event in March, there was a keynote done by Mike Laverick. He put in words what most VMUG members where thinking, a VMUG event should be all about sharing VMware knowledge and above all sharing real life experiences with VMware products (and all other products related for that matter).
Of course we all enjoy hearing about the latest and greatest new products, but the community sessions is what it is all about.
After Mike shared what he thought that was causing that only a few VMUG members step up to the plate and present during a VMUG meeting. All the obvious reasons every one can think of, especially if the thought of presenting yourself did come to mind ! What would really help is to have someone review or mentor you before you are up on the stage doing the actual presentation, after a presentation there is always some feedback but in most case your presentation is a one-time deal.  So getting feedback after your presentation is not really useful. You need this feedback in advance before you do the actual presentation, #FeedForward sort to speak !
This is what #FeedForward is all about. There is much more value into getting Feedback in advance hence #FeedForward. This will make sure your presentations and presentation skills will improve and that you will enjoy presenting your own story.

After the NLVMUG keynote Mike "launched" a hashtag #FeedForward so it was easy for people to find each other by the use of Twitter.
Also global VMUG has created an new landing page in favor of #FeedForward


On this page you can express the intention to either:

  • Becoming a Mentor and reviewing presentations for VMUG events
  • Sharing a presentation at a VMUG event
  • Serving on a Committee to promote FeedForward

If you need help or want to help mentor your fellow VMUG’ers present your self, please sign up on the website.

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