05 July, 2013

New Fling from VMwareLABS called "VisualEsxtop"

Most of the Fling's coming from VMwareLABS are worth trying and every once in a while there is a Fling that is really cool and above all useful (like InventorySnapshot I wrote a post on a while back), just a couple of days ago some of the engineers from the VMware performance group release VisualEsxtop.
The name says it all, it is a graphical version of esxtop which can be run on Microsoft OS, Linux OS and on Mac OS** so it is really "cross-platform".
It works remotely and can be run on any computer which has network access to ESX(i) host or vCenter (although I haven't been able to connect it to a vCenter successfully).

When you run it, it looks like a enhanced version of esxtop

It will color coat important counters and issues automatically. Further more it has the ability to record and playback batch output, it can create line charts for selected counters and it has counter descriptions when you "mouse-over" them.

To download this Fling, which I recommend as it is a very useful tool to have please go to VMwareLABS

** As said before it is cross-platform, but to get it to run on Mac OS you need to take some extra steps. For details on how to do this please read How to Run VMware's New Fling VisualEsxtop on Mac OS X from the virtuallyGhetto blog of William Lam

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