02 December, 2012

Main reason for the existence of this blog

First of the main reason why I started this little blog. The way for me to study and I mean really " soak up" and understand all information I go thru, I found that the best way for me to do this is by writing it up and make it presentable to others. I first found out this when I was preparing a slide deck for a presentation to "pass" information I gathered during the EMEA VMworld 2012 in Barcelona. The purpose for this presentation was to pass the most interesting information to my colleagues at the company I work for. This made me to really dig and get as much details on the subjects I was presenting on, by doing this I noticed two things.
First was actually amazed how much of the huge pile of information of all joined sessions was still present and ready to use in my mind, I did not expect this but I am glad it did. And secondly I found that getting prepaired for this presentation was the drive I need to focus. So as I recently started to prepare for the VMware VCAP exams, I thought I would pick up the same "study methode" but don't want to "bother" my colleagues with loads of 100+ slides slidedeck style presentations.
So why not put it on a blog and share it with whoever wants to read it ?

I hope it will give you information and maybe even some inspiration on the wide topic " Virtualization & Cloud computing.

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